Friday, May 25, 2007

family visits

Malachi looks a little tired after his bath, but nice and clean thanks to Oma. My dad just happened to have meetings in CA over Mother's day weekend so my mom came along for the ride. It was great to have the extra help during a busy week of work. Plus Malachi loves hangin' out with his Opa and Oma and they love hangin' out with him, there is definitely a mutual love relationship. Opa also prefected Malachi's use of "uh oh" during their visit. So even though there a lot of miles that seperate us from family, visits always help.


HildebrandtFamily said...

Hi guys!
Racehl, I was inspired to create one for the hildebrandt family too. Thanks for your encouragement. I love your pictures. We are praying for bb2 with you. Can you tell me how to post videos? I got one of Luke walking and would love for my parents to see it.

ronverwys said...

Hi Ryan Rachel & Malachi!
Cute pics! I feel your sadness in saying good-bye to dear friends and their children. I remember those days in Roseville when we were selling our house--it isn't easy living in a house with possible buyers wanted to see it at a moments notice. We will pray the right buyer comes SOON.
Love and hugs and kisses to Malachi (and you, too!:) Mom ronverwys

ronverwys said...

Hi again!
I'm excited that I did this comment thing by myself! I should have put ronverwysfamily but you will know it's us.
Have a good sabbath today and we will miss you at our Memorial Day gathering.
Blessings and prayers! Mom