Tuesday, December 21, 2010

my superheros

my boys love superheros - really love them. i wonder sometimes how they actually discovered this world of superheros but then i am reminded of all the marketing there is everywhere you turn. so even if they don't watch the movies they still get bombarded with the images on cereal, shoes, shirts, drink boxes... i won't get into what i think about all marketing to kids. i always thought before i was a mom that i wouldn't want my kids to wear all those silly character shirts. then i had three boys who beg and plead to wear their spiderman shirt day after day after day. thankfully i have the "it needs to be washed" excuse every few days. so give my boys a batman anything and they are happy. these pajamas say everything about our stage of life right now. notice ezekiel in these pictures too because then you realize all the wrestling in our house doesn't always start with the older two. love my little superheros!

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