Saturday, April 10, 2010


there are times in my life when i am more aware of how God moves and works. it is in these moments that i think i listen more than i talk, or i am quiet more than busy. or i see something that makes me stand or sit in awe. the invitation sculpture has been for me from the time i was introduced to it something that has made me aware of God's movement.
this weekend i had the honor of meeting livui mocan, the artist, who created this beautiful sculpture. he is a man who loves Jesus and i believe honors God through his calling as an artist. creating amazing pieces with deep purpose. in the short time ryan and i have been able to be with him, hear his story, listen to his insight we have been blessed. livui spoke with a group of us today about how art speaks to our hearts - it opens our hearts to see. it's true. i think of amazing paintings, photos, sculptures that stir something inside me. i remember the images. the invitation stirs something in me. this sculpture is coming to bellflower from Geneva Switzerland and eventually to grand rapids (that's right all my mi friends and family you get to experience it as well!) i am anticipating its arrival, i am praying for the installation. wondering about the conversations that will take place as people see it, walk through it, sit on it, and just stand in awe. good things to come.

from livui's website:

invitation / decalogue

the monument consists of 10 golden pillars, around 5 metres high, resembling human fingers. set in a circle, the pillars have two sides: a smooth, contoured side facing towards the centre, creating a sense of peace and wellbeing as one stands in the circle. the other side, facing outwards, forms a sharp,
unyielding blade.

this interactive sculpture will invite visitors to walk in and out of the circle of pillars, to touch the gold, to sit on the small seat cut into each pillar, and to reflect on the artwork and the ideas that
inspired it.

at one level, the sculpture is a study on the nature and purpose of law in society: to create a space for freedom and human flourishing, while providing protection and security. at another level, the work of art speaks of the universal human quest for peace and spiritual
well being.

jonathan tame
president of the patronage committee for invitation/decalogue in geneva

more about invitation / decalogue

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liviu said...

"God's movement"
fantastic, you fill this rachele...
is nt it the essence of human life, the essence of the Bible itself, when kairos touches kronos ?
le ts continue to watch Him