Sunday, February 28, 2010

presidents day hike

i survived ryan's trip to chicago the week before president's day and we were all thankful that he had monday off so we could hang out. it was a beautiful day and we decided to go on a hike with all 3 boys. our first family of 5 hike. we ventured down to south orange county and attempted to get to our first hike which was off the beaten path a little - well about .5 miles into the 5 mile dirt road to get to the hike we turned around. the big monster truck ahead of us that splashed through the "puddle" in the road, sending a 5 foot spray into the air, was our final clue that our minivan was not built for off roading. hmmm. so we turned around and went to a park/campground down the paved road a couple miles. we then chose the very family friendly hike which didn't require being cautious for mountain lions. it ended up being a great hike with the boys down to a stream where we all had a blast playing in the water.

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