Tuesday, January 26, 2010

so many events!

we enjoyed being in the cold for christmas. we spent a couple nights in chicago were we flew in and out of. played a lot in the snow, at least malachi could last in the cold, abram decided it was too cold, although i think he also didn't like his snowpants because they were overalls and he refuses to wear overalls. we had a great time with all our family - sad we didn't have time to see friends during this trip but it was short and sweet.

Ezekiel decided it was time to roll over on Christmas Day - the book inspired him

verwys family

all the verwys cousins and a new one on the way from the huizenga family!!

ryan's grandma van grouw was remarried over christmas to rev. andy bandstra - its a sappy love story if you ever want to hear it sometime...letters, friendship and second marriages in their 80's

the water tower in downtown chicago, we had to see it because it is in one of the books the boys have - it was so cold!

"our bookstore" in chicago that we always went to 10 years ago when we first were married and lived in hyde park

annika and ezekiel

HAPPY NEW YEAR - we watched fireworks at navy pier from the 33rd floor of my parents condo building in chicago

legos and duplos were the theme of this year - we have a love/hate relationship. i love that the boys are occupied for hours with these little blocks. i hate that they get all over the place and hurt when you step on them... but it is a toy that seems to last forever - since a lot of uncles and ryan enjoy building as well

the lego man outside the lego store in chicago - malachi was in heaven - he found out the power miners have dug deeper and there are now lava monsters in addition to rock monsters, wow! it made a little boys heart swell with joy.

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Kristen said...

hey rachel!
i loved all the photos and the bit about your anniversary and marriage. awwwwww!
hey, my mom is a bandstra and my grandpa (William) had a cousin Andy. I wonder if this is the same Andy. Hmmmmmm. What is the sappy story? And where does Andy hail from?
love kristen

p.s. your boys are so very cute. i bet it is hard to tell their baby pictures apart.