Sunday, October 11, 2009

abram is 2

our little man is 2! it kind of creeped up on us, although we knew it was coming right?! abram is such a sweet kid and we love so much about him and his personality. he has shown us since ezekiel's birth what a gentle spirit he has. he always wants to know where his baby brother is and he gives him a lot of kisses throughout the day. he also gets a little upset when other people hold ezekiel - he is always looking out for the baby. he is also a tease - so on one hand he is senstive about life and changing things up - for instance yesterday ryan was helping taking down a popup shade and he stared crying because the shade was being taken down...but he also totally teases his brother with a glint in his eye. malachi will be playing and abram will jump on his back over and over again. it has been fun to see malachi and abram develop a friendship this past year. this morning they woke up and went into the living room together and were just sitting on the couch under a blanket talking. abram is just starting to develop words so the other thing we love is how he uses his hands to communicate - he does a fairly good job - at least i know what he "saying" often through his gestures, which maybe explains why he gets away with just a few words. anyway we are thankful for abram and all he is and look forward to what will be ahead in his life.

Birthday Party

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