Friday, July 17, 2009


we have done a lot of swimming this summer - one its been hot and two malachi took swimming lessons a couple weeks ago. we would go 3 times a week for 20 minutes each time. he loved it and his wonderful teacher abby taught him well. he is now swimming on his own and the biggest hurdle was to get him to come up for breaths. he has amazing lung capacity. we are very thankful for our neighbors, the dykstras, who let us come over to swim all the time - they have a great pool. abram didn't take swimming lessons but we would play in the pool while malachi did. he became more comfortable with his swimming vest and now jumps off the diving board just like his big brother. i have boys who are fearless in the water! the boys also got to share their swim skills with my dad last week while he stayed with us on a business trip - loved having him here with us for a few days. the boys enjoyed their time with opa, i liked going out to dinner every night and all the guys went on a run together while i got a pedicure on saturday. hmmm how do we get our parents to live closer...

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