Friday, July 17, 2009

one more week till d day

so i am 39 weeks and "waiting" until my dr. gets back into town tomorrow before anything happens. then anytime after that i am good to go, and my dr. is on call the whole week i am due so that could work well. i feel good considering i am carrying a baby boy straight out in front of me and its hard to move around that quickly anymore. although i discovered i can still kind of run when i ran over to see if malachi was ok after he fell - he was. although for the rest of the day i had a little more pain than normal - don't know what i was thinking. oh, i wasn't.
we are very excited to meet our little man soon and somedays i am still blown away at the thought of having 3 boys. i love having 2 and then to add another one to the group will be an adventure in the days to come.
we'll keep you posted and you pray that he turns around a little so his head is not sunnyside up. i might put one more picture of myself up - we'll see....

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