Monday, June 1, 2009

open air

ryan and some friends (who are amazing guys for helping, thank you!!) removed the back of our house this weekend - literally there is a huge hole in the kitchen now. we have officially started the demo for the addition on the back. there is no going back and we are hoping to have the permit to begin new construction this week. it may have been a little risky to remove the back of our house before we got the permit but its in process and we just need to resubmit the final version for approval.
a week ago ryan was flat on his back with a bulging disk and this weekend he was swinging a sledge hammer into concrete - all I have to say is God answers prayers for healing.
as i type this i have a nice breeze coming into the kitchen and can hear the birds very clearly because there is just open space. we'll keep you posted when we have a wall again because for now its a blue tarp -which also means i we have seen little gray rodents run across the floor... in the end its all worth it.

ryan removed this piece from the closet foundation - it was laid when my grandparents moved this house to the property in 87.

before the demo

surveying next steps - shaun is in the attic looking down

removing the window

the wall is gone

mark having fun with the jack hammer

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