Saturday, June 13, 2009


tonight we put abram to bed in a big boy bed. out of the crib that keeps him in and unable to get out at his leisure... not sure i was ready for this yet but we were given bunk beds by our friends (they are seperated still) and we decided we would make the move. he actually stayed in the bed after we put him down and is now sleeping soundly. abram is a little boy with few words and lots of gestures and he "told" me in his own way that he didn't even want the crib quilt but the new big duvet cover for his blanket.

he is almost 21 months old and quite the little malachi follower. he loves his big brother and tries to do everything he does - which doesn't always work out so well. he can't quite jump off things as well or run as fast...but he tries.
he has a sweet spirit and has started to reason with me using his head motions. like i said he doesn't say many words but somehow he communicates with me that he is displeased with a request and explains why. he kind of tilts his head and gives me a look. sometimes i have to look away so i don't laugh because he is so serious about what he is trying to communicate and i want to be serious about what i have asked him to do.

he loves coloring, especially with markers. he is getting really good at car noises and making his airplanes fly through the sky. he is always concerned when he hears the dogs barking in the neighborhood or our dog barking at something. his sweet tooth is coming out more and more because if something sweet is offered or in sight he gets very excited. yesterday he got into a bag and found the tic tacs and showed me his mouth full and had this look of great pleasure in his eyes. its really hard to get a 20 month old to give up candy once its already in.

i'm excited for him to become a big brother and look forward to seeing him grow into a new role in our family. and praying he likes his new bed so much he stays in it all night long and still calls for me to get him in the morning!

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