Wednesday, May 27, 2009

over 30 weeks

30 weeks

so we hit 32 weeks this week. 2 months seems like a lot of time still and i feel like it is and it isn't. some days i wish i could run again but then i realize i'm not ready to have a tiny dependent infant quite yet. it is amazing to feel this little guy kicking and moving - so much life bundled inside. we are still going back and forth on what to name him so i think its a good thing we don't share the name because it gives us all the time to the end to make up our minds.

these are ryan's photos - he likes perspective :) otherwise you wouldn't get the full affect of why i am measuring 2 weeks ahead of where i am. so i'm 32 weeks and measuring 34 weeks...i basically need a shirt that says: no, its not a basketball.

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Shannon said...

so, couple of things. 1. i want to hear the malachi poop story. this is going to be good, i can feel it. 2. i like the basketball shirt idea. as soon as you get going on #4 count on me to screen print you one. hope all is well. until soon...