Thursday, February 14, 2008

where in the world is ryan?

well ryan is still in india, sleeping right now most likely. we thought he would be home by now but he didn't get on his flight...long story short he will be coming home on saturday night for sure -we are anxious to see him and hear about his adventurous trip. it has been a great trip with lots of learning, exploring and seeing the ministry of Shalom for Asia. Our friends Pastor Shantilal and Grace were amazing hosts and their whole family embraced Ryan with open arms. Now they all want to meet, "the Rachel", so maybe I'll visit someday too.... Here are a few pics from our time without Ryan, we missed him a lot, but we have survived. you can still pray that ryan makes all his flights from india, to manama, to germany, to ohio, to ca. yea! we are excited to see him soon.

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Shannon said...

I realize that my comments are becoming redundant bit honestly I can't deal with it, the cute factor is through the roof!