Sunday, July 15, 2007

MI adventures

i am giving myself the grace to ease back into the reality of life post vacation. i think i need as many days as we were away to get everything back in order at home. so with that in mind i have another week to catch up on going through the mail, unpacking, doing laundry...

we had a great time in mi with our family and friends. photos will follow when i am able to post them. it was good to escape from ca to the green land of mi. to see real rain drops fall and drench our clothes and cool our skin. a good storm is just one pleasure we miss when living in the desert of california.

we were blessed to share time with the whole verwys family for a few days. the matching t-shirts were once again a hit. now that there are 8 great grandkids under 3 everything involved some type of adventure with one child or another. life from a child's perspective is always fun, humorous and brings you down a road you may not expect to take. it was so good to experience the richness of four generations being together in one place and the fruit of blessing falling on each day because of the faith and grace that has been passed along. we were again reminded how amazing it is to be a part of the verwys, van grouw, knibbe and vander plas families who all share an incredible testimony of faith passed one from generation to the next. it makes family gatherings a blessing, ok we know we all have our quirks, but really we do actually have fun family reunions.

after our big family shin dig we spent the rest of the time at the cottage in Grand Haven. we were able to hang out, relax and have people come over to connect. Malachi was a little more active than last year, aka we ran around a lot with him. he loved jumping off the paddle boat into the water. he thought is was great when ryan and a friend jumped off the bridge into the water from way up high, he showed this action over and over by raising his hand and making a splashing sound with his eyes wide open. the family of swans was once again thriving so ryan and malachi got to know the daddy swan well by following him in the kayak as the swan voiced his disgust at them. thankfully the swan did not feel the need to attack and protect his famiy. but according to ryan there was a plan of action if that happened.

we love mi in the summer and plan on making our summer trips a tradition to share with our boys. pics will soon show our adventures.

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