Monday, June 18, 2007

a visit from our old neighbors and friends

well the running joke in bellflower is: move next door to the verwys' if you want to leave california. our friends rob, erin and gracie moved last summer after living next door to us and then this summer the copelands who lived around the corner moved too... so i guess we do a really good job of helping people discover their calling away from california, or maybe we drive them away, anyway.

the vandelune family now with the addition of karys came to visit california for graduation celebrations and vacation. we had a ton of fun hanging out with them and are thankful for the continued friendship we share across the miles. since we saw them in march its amazing how much the kids have changed already. karys started crawling all over the place while visiting us, malachi loved giving the girls kisses, and we all had fun playing together.

we did make a crazy decision to start remodeling our kitchen while they were here, but they were troopers and dealt with loud tools ripping tile off the counter and having dust fill the rooms. so despite the chaos of the house we enjoyed reconnecting and sharing life together for a few days.


thefieldhouses said...

What beautiful pictures! I see the perfect match made in heaven between Malachi and Gracie. ;)

ronverwys said...

Thanks so much for posting such precious pics of Malachi and you guys. We miss you!