Wednesday, May 9, 2007

a new day

a day of thought and prayer always seems to shed light upon our life's decisions and happenings. although its not like today offered a lot of quiet moments to reflect, it was full of activity. this morning i had the pleasure of having 5 kids in my kitchen eating breakfast together. it was fun to hear the house full of laughter and children's chatter. this afternoon i sat with a ministerial association to share about kingdom causes. it was a blessing to hear stories from them about how people in the city are following Jesus and loving their neighbors. later in the afternoon malachi and i made a trip to jamba juice and home depot, and saw the Copelands on the road (malachi recognized their van and got very excited). then it was off to pick up oma from the airport and of course watch some airplanes land.

so after a full day ryan and i have an overwhelming sense of peace tonight. we are not going to have an amnio done. we'll have a follow up ultrasound in a few weeks to check the baby's kidney. we know our baby is in the care of Jesus every day as his little body develops and we are anticipating the day we get to meet on the outside. ryan felt him kicking me the other day for the first time, so I guess they've offically met now. malachi keeps on giving the baby (aka mom's tummy) kisses and little waves hello. he'll be a great big brother.

we continue to see providence happen in our day to day. it demonstrates to us how close God is to the details in our life and how its all his plan, not ours. we are talking this week with 2 prospective buyers for our house and making an offer on the 4-plex on Eucalyptus. Yikes! if anyone has advice on how to quickly clean and organize all the closets in your home let me know.

and the picture of malachi is a milestone. he actually wanted to put on a hat for more than 2 seconds the other day.

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